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01.12.2012 , 06:59 PM | #30
I will make this as simple as I possibly can. Some people enjoy playing the game competitively and want to optimize their performance in every way possible. Some people enjoy playing the game without searching for the best spec and the optimal rotation.

Including a dps meter allows the competitive people the use of a tool which enhances their particular enjoyment of the game with NO CONSEQUENCE to other players. And please, before anyone else types any more garbage about the "negative impact" dps meters have, or how they "ruin the community" think about this without emotion for a moment.

Nobody is seeking players out, inviting them to group to test their dps and then calling them bad. If you have been treated badly by someone "because of the dps meter" you have brought it on yourself in two ways. 1) you joined a group that was motivated by performance and 2) you failed to perform well. I really don't care how bad your spec, your rotation, or your play is until you join a raid with me and waste everyone else's time. It is extremely self-centered to believe that in a group situation you should be able to play however you want for your own fun even at the expense of everyone else. This sense of entitlement is what ruins communities, not dps meters.

Dps meters don't "force" you to spec or play any certain way. Choosing to join a group that cares about success is what forces players to choose optimal specs and rotations. The meter is nothing but a tool used by these players who are trying to optimize.
People spend a great deal of time and energy to learn how to get the most out of their characters. If you don't want to spend the same effort that is fine, it's not required. But you shouldn't join a group of people who do that for their fun. If you want to group with people you should either find a group of like-minded individuals or form your own raid where you get to establish the norms.

To sum up, the pro-meter people want a tool available for people that use it, and are fine with it being ignored by people who don't find that playstyle fun. To each his own.

The anti-meter people don't want the tool and therefore don't want it available to anyone. They apparently believe everyone should play their way.

Finally, yes some people will be jerks if we add a dps meter. They will be jerks if we don't add a meter. Because they are just jerks.