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a scoundrel/rogue is not a profession (except in video games). All i saw you say about amidala was she was inexperienced (awesome description) and a ***** (guessing on the asterisks) Again, some really great description.

Even a one word, he's a scoundrel/rogue gives people more of an idea what Solo is like that saying Amidala is inexperienced and a *****. See the point?

And the question specifically states not to mention their profession/appearance.

EDIT: on a separate note, i absolutely hate the man doing the reviews (Mr. Plinnkett or w/e) the way he talks in the video makes me want to shoot myself. Almost every point he raises is valid though.

The problem is so many people take how the review is presented at face value (it is supposed to be heavy on sarcasm and being a joke, but making actually points) instead of moving aside the voice and extra crap and looking at the points he mentions.

Still better than what people in video gave, don't u think? By "*****" attitude I meant something I simply can't describe in one word, she's that righteouss girl who simply annoys me.

I think both words give you same insight, Amidala is annoying, wanting to be good and strong, courageus etc. better?

Qui-gon cares for people around him and even if they are lower in hierarchy he treats them equally, also he seems experienced (life-wise) and as said before distanced and open minded. Now you have it in simple words.

Of course he has some valid points, but they are often stretched (like comparing beginnings of 2 different movies, he wants action from the start? Take ep 3...) and incompetent (if you compare 1 movie to whole trilogy, it's incompetent).

Edit: Also he compares character like Obi-Wan was in ep 4 (Qui-Gon) to someone like Obi-Wan was in prequel (Solo). Another character he takes is Amidala which is in fact very shallow character. What could u say about Obi-Wan after watching just ep 4? 'Cos for me he was someone to start bigger events, just like Qui-Gon in ep 1.