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As a Sith I am EXPECTING the storylines available to me to be interesting and really meaningful and powerful ascents and descents into power and darkness in the name of the Empire, but I'm concerned that no matter what I'm going to do with my Sith Juggernaut and Sith Assassin or Sorcerer, I'm going to end up experiencing the same ho-hum choices that I experienced level 1-12 in the open beta weekend. Now, I'm not going to assume it's going to be that way throughout the entire game but I am concerned nonetheless. Will there be anything to give me a sense of accomplishment and power beyond the better gear? I'm keeping this in the context of story by the way so keep that in mind.

What can I expect, WITHOUT SPOILERS, from my personal Star Wars saga as the Sith in this game? (looking at all you long-term beta-junkies)
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