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Calling Han a scoundrel/rogue also implies his profession. You don't call a Jedi or Trooper this way.

I think I said enough about their personalities, unless you don't understand what you read (no offence meant).

And I'm pretty sure Yoda or Windu would simply let go not being sure if he really is the chosen one, not to mention that they'd probably say something like 'if he's the foretold child Force will guide him to us eventually', as would most of masters.

Edit: and the reason why I mentioned their professions is that you should explain/argument your views/opinions. At least that's what they taught me in high school literature classes.
a scoundrel/rogue is not a profession (except in video games). All i saw you say about amidala was she was inexperienced (awesome description) and a ***** (guessing on the asterisks) Again, some really great description.

Even a one word, he's a scoundrel/rogue gives people more of an idea what Solo is like that saying Amidala is inexperienced and a *****. See the point?

And the question specifically states not to mention their profession/appearance.

EDIT: on a separate note, i absolutely hate the man doing the reviews (Mr. Plinnkett or w/e) the way he talks in the video makes me want to shoot myself. Almost every point he raises is valid though.

The problem is so many people take how the review is presented at face value (it is supposed to be heavy on sarcasm and being a joke, but making actually points) instead of moving aside the voice and extra crap and looking at the points he mentions.
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