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01.12.2012 , 03:58 PM | #1
Does anyone else think the FPs are a bit too long? I don't mind the length of them the 1st go around. But let's face it until new material gets released we are stuck with these and their Hardmode counterparts (for some of them anyway). Do not mistake what I am saying. I like the FPs and the stories involved. But on my 2nd run through I don't think I want to kill 100 mobs on my way to 3-4 bosses EVERY TIME. An hour for these, or more, seems a bit much.

In Hardmodes everyone is always 'spacebar spacebar spacebar' and I oblige but even spacebaring some of these just take forever. The first time in the experience is epic and I don't notice the time, after that first maybe 2nd run yeah I notice, on my 10th run oh God please no more trash! And I'm gonna have to run these all again and again and again to get gear, or for alts.

Now I know the responses, remember BRD (or whatever else) in Vanilla? Yeah I do and the extreme investment of time (for non endgame gear) is exactly why with TBC on the instances became more and more streamlined. I don't want everything handed to me but large timesinks should be done in raids (excuse me Operations) not a FP. Everyone says how easy Wrath was but these were the same people posting on their alts on Blizz forums so no one could see that they got Kingslayer at 25% buff (or after Cata came out). Then in Cataclysm they tuned the Heroics up and made them longer and voila subscription loss. The heroic 5 mans were nerfed very very soon after release and I had never ever seen that in 6+ years of Wow so quickly after a release.

I know that over time with increased gear by everyone that they will probably go faster. But not really because by that time people will have all they want from them and their less geared alts or new players will be in there and they will still take as long to complete. 45 minutes to me should be a max for a properly executed Flashpoint. An hour on hardmode maybe but cmon most of you will say ' I want that epic feeling' well is it epic when everyone and their dog spacebars the dialogue? No it's not. And maybe you don't spacebar on your 15th HM run but I'd say the vast majority of us do. And don't say 'then don't do them derpa derpa' well that is not the reality when you want to progress. I just don't want to sift through trash after trash after trash to get to the 'epic' stuff ie bosses. Some of you would say the opposite of whatever anyone says just because you are sour grapes so whatever but I doubt I'm the only one who feels this way.

TL;DR The FPs are too long with too much trash not to mention the bugs that we all have to deal with.