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I can't tell if BW does not give a crap or they think this is acceptable for end game content.
WOW has its flaws but they made sure raids/dungeons are done correctly and work up to par.
The fact that they are not rolling out fixes for these known bugs in short time periods is a bad indicator. I guess the reasons could be:

1. They don't have enough programming talent to work on it and it is a very low priority (which would be baffling, since most of the leveling experience is rather smooth, and it seems that the majority of the current bugs are in the end game content, and so it should be a priority).
2. The underlying code framework/scripting for end game raids is so complex/non-modular/wonky that they can't quickly identify fixes for these bugs. Maybe they lost some key members of the programming team for this content and they can't get a handle on this problem.

I have a gut feeling that it is #2 which would mean that there is no easy fix. A previous game that I spent significant time in was Vanguard, and they had problem #2. They had bugs in end-game raids that existed for months and months, and anytime they added new raids they were always buggy as hell and took forever to get right/balance. They also had the problem of #1 in that Sony kept reducing the number of programmers on the game as the subscriptions dropped, and it simply became a death spiral. They could not fix bugs fast enough or add new content fast enough to keep people, and subs just kept dropping, so they kept cutting programmer resources, which resulted in more lost subs, etc. Vanguard had lots of other problems as well including an extremely rocky start with a very laggy/buggy graphics engine, and a change of ownership to Sony a few months into release because of the rocky start, which further mucked things up. SWTOR got off to a decent start, but they need to fix these end-game bugs!!!

I feel that if they don't start rolling out some fixes FAST for these bugs that they will lose subs, as other posts have noted. Players will only put up with so much.