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01.12.2012 , 03:36 PM | #1
We have downed this before,we just pressed RIGHT and it solved itself. Pretty easy.

Now, it has been suggested that there is a pattern and thats its a combination lock. This i cant confirm, but you can do it faster if you turn the weel the accurate way. Now here is the kick, it bugs almost every time. At the bottom is a list of what we have tried.

Doing the shortest possible turns to complete each set.
Doing the longster possible turns to complete each set.
Doing the same amount on each pylon in both camps.
South camps first(solve 1) then north camp, and vice versa.

It still bugs, either this encounter is still bugged out or we are doin it wrong.

THe current order is "Green>Red>Purple>White>Yellow>Blue>Green". Which seems to be accurate from last Operation.

Anyone have anything they have PROVEN, im not looking for wild guess or one or two time solutions. But something that works.