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My friends and I have worked around this problem numerous times by creating level one alts.

If one of us has the reset bug.
  1. We identify who has the bug.
  2. Whoever has the reset bug would leave party, while one of us would log on to our level one alt.
  3. The person with the reset bug would invite the level one alt to a party.
  4. Pass group leader to the level one alt.
  5. The person with the reset bug would leave group.
  6. Confirm 'Reset All Active Flashpoints' option in the right-click character portrait menu is gone.
  7. Invite person back to group.
  8. Dominate flashpoint.
  9. Receive loot.

This ensures that:
  • If the bug is contagious, you don't need to worry if you pass it to a level one alt, unless you plan to level it.
  • You don't have to worry if the level one alt has an active flashpoint or not.
  • Level one alts do not have the required level for all flashpoints so passing them lead 'should' remove the bug entirely until you catch it again.
While that workaround probably works, that is completely ridiculous for people to perform to get into a flashpoint, especially when pugging. People come and go all of the time and are constantly passing the bad flashpoint around.

A single FP should not affect another FP. When we're going into Black Talon, that should be the only thing the system is checking for, not all flashpoints and operations. In addition, when I invite someone, their status in a flashpoint should not be passed to me. The system should just take the leader's status on the flashpoint and go, and reset if necessary.

Again, this is so *********** stupid I don't understand why there is no update on it. It literally ****ed up the ability for a group of us to play last night and try to fix it. After spending an hour on it, we gave up and I just logged because it was a complete waste of time. I appreciate the post on this workaround, but I'm not doing all of that work to get a group of four people into a flashpoint.