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01.12.2012 , 03:18 PM | #1
Are you kidding me? Why is this boss still as bugged a month after Early Access. And you are comming out with new content?

1. Charges for AoE stay even if you destroy the power sources.
-> Last phase really hard because everyone getting hit by balls + aoe => death

2. The Boss becomes vulnerable in phase 3, stands up 1 second after. Got him to 6% still, would've definately been a kill if he stayed down (less balls)

3. Lightning balls untargettable and Force Shroud sometimes not working (for Assassin)

How can you already start adding new content if the previous one is still bugged? People rather want to have perfectly working content for a longer time then new bugged content every month without fixing the older bugs.

I know in patch 1.1 some things are getting changed, but what I wrote aren't in PTR patch notes and they should be hotfixed, not wait 1 month.