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01.12.2012 , 02:44 PM | #10
I actually prefer the PvP armor a great deal. I remember in the last act of the warrior story line one of the Darths had the coolest armor I had seen so far. I thought, I want that armor so bad.... too bad they dont have it. Then I started to see it on people and realized it was the warrior PvP champion lvl armor I saw (red color). I was super excited and have now collected all but chest and boots.

Sadly, its PvP armor and expertise doesnt help at all in PvE, so my normal PvE armor is in the bag for such occasions... some of it on Boonmark for placeholder and free bag space.

Hopefully new expansion brings about new armor style, because I am not a fan of the lvl 50 warrior PvE set (Jugg at leasat if is differnt) at this time. It just seems like it lacking some level of cool, hardcore... tankiness to me at least.