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I have lots of MMO experience. From EQ-beta through pretty much everything till SWTOR. And of course WoW.

In WoW I was in everything from a server leading progression guild (which is very different then a world class progression guild). To a very casual guild that did light raiding, but spent most of my time in middle of the pack (Server Top15-20ish) progression guilds.

In those guilds my personal experience is the ones looking at logs, that parse their logs, that upload their logs, that discuss, are the good players, not the bad ones. In a typical progression guild there is a mix of really great players and average players with a few pretty bad players that typical aren't bought on progression encounters but rotated in once things go to farm status just ahead of alts. Content at different times was hard. T11 was much harder then most of WotLK. It just was. I don't think it was Ninja Gaiden for the 360 hard, but it was more a challenge.

Because of the increased challenge, people that had facerolled through content for the previous two years were hit with a slap of hurt. They thought they were just fine. But they weren't. A lot of the fights had just enough wiggle room to get through them with the items you were able to acquire before beating them. Logs allowed us to address the facerolling. Unless you're just in a horrible guild, oddities in an encounter are noted. My dps might drop one encounter if I'm on add duty. It also might be up because of that. Or if I'm required to kite around a nasty add. Whatever. But ignoring those specifics we were able to approach people and say, "look, your dps is very far behind the other dps in raid, and based on global parsings we know for your gear level and class/spec you should be doing more". And in some cases their DPS improved, in other cases it didn't and they were no longer bought along.

The world class guilds are a little different. Anyone that's just average isn't getting into their guild. They're able to be very picky about who they take. But for the rest of us, and that's the most of us, in challenging progression content logs/meters are almost required. Or the content can just be easy and no one cases, or zergable (EQ days were zerg fests in progression raiding for a lot of it). And I don't want easy or zergable content. I want hard content and parsings so we can improve since I don't plan to be in a world class guild full of nothing but the best of the best.