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Did you /bug them or report them in any way, shape, or form?
Damn BioWare aren't aware for major gamebreaking bugs from months in beta that will push away alot of players?

They rushed this game release. Me and my guilds barely play this game anymore, we discussed renewing two days ago and most people do not want to renew, since there aren't any content left, and if it is, it's bugged.

Paying a recurring fee for a game that have ****** PvP, ****** PvE and no response from the devteam/community manager regarding major bugs in the PvE end-game is more of a proof that they are streamlining end-game content in hopes of stringing people along.

Nah, the end-game is complete crap, the content that isnt bugged is easy to burn right through, the PvP is lackluser since there is not rated warzones, no arenas. I doubt this game will be improved in the coming 10 days, they will lose alot of subscribers for February if there is no huge fix to the many end-game bugs.

A rushed product that was a fun leveling experience, PvP was fun until it turned out to be just a grindfest, no arenas, no rated warzones. End-game is easy to burn through, if it's not bugged, which many encounters are and no real response from dev team.

Atleast there is Diablo 3 soon, that will have loads of more to do at end-game both in PvE and PvP than a $300 million dollars game called SWTOR that is broken to it's core.