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Make a game that is for Xbox 360 - PS3

.Massively free roam
.Free choice on everything
.Over 50+ planets
.Massive planet areas to fully explore
.Many different races to choose from
including all the jedi masters from ep1-3+ swtor
.Actual Jedi armour! like the movies. and choice of colours
.Better combat, harder fights, Longer game, More main and side quests
.More choice on class and skills, no ******** power attacks, just unseen force powers like the movies
.fully interactive areas, and destructable
.better leveling system.

If lucas wants to know more contact me, i already have plenty of ideas plotted out lol. I have a nack for using my imagination.
not sure if srs with 50 planets
R.I.P SWG. Europe farstar yo!