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Yup all reported. I also filled a ticket for the No Weekly quest completion and the droid replied something like "Thanks for reporting but were not goin to help you"

Oh and BTW after the Gharj bug we also had to reset the Phase and kill ALL the trash again.

Seriously, did bioware tested this raid? Because after two runs we found a ton of bugs and also other clans found them aswell.
This. I'm 0/2 for weekly completion. For us it was one group gets credit, the other does not. Both times it was the MT's group that got credit (maybe a tagging issue?). I got the same response to both bug reports, which is irritating. I'm just gonna keep stacking the bug reports I guess.

We had numerous Soa bugs, like the pylon falling directly on him and the shield staying up. Gharj himself just seems buggy. Schematic that gives an error when trying to learn. Insta deaths all over the place; the double ones are the worst, where the person dies for no reason, releases, and dies on the way back. There goes 10 mins.

Also we have the random person dying on Bonecrusher if they enter within the first 10 secs. At least that was a specific person.
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