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12.14.2011 , 07:54 AM | #1
as the title says, there advertising u get the in game store that was supposed to be exlusive to the CE. it seams in one way or another everyone is getting access to things that were supposed to be digital exlusives to the CE. i dont rage often and i hate when i do, but like the dark side i can no longer contain it.

I did not pay 150 bucks for a darth malgus statue, the selling point for me was the exclusive in game stuff. yes part of the joy of haveing the CE was haveing things to show off that not many others could have. i dont care what other ppl think about how i feel, but dang if there gonna sell exclusive things as a selling point, they need to keep it that way. in a way i feel cheated.

if anyone feels the same, please feel free to reply.

for everyone else you have the right to an opinon too and id like to know how you feel as well.