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You are all over the place with this post.

First, progression guilds don't rely on meters or, even, try to evaluate those issues during the raid. We post logs and analyze the logs between lockouts. That's the only way to evaluate performance as a raid or individual performance. You need time and discussion to understand the numbers. This is especially true for healing and dps. We don't even allow members to post meters during raids.

Meters do show things like interrupts, but so what? Being hammered by the skill that your guildy was supposed to interrupt also contains the same information. You assign people to perform certain duties and expect them to get it done. If you have 2 people interrupting then you expect them both to get their act together.

Meters are a tool used primarily by pugs and second tier raiding guilds that are trying to do their best with no real appreciation for how to accomplish it. They believe things can be fixed "on the fly" and once you overgear the raid, they are probably right. Once half the raid is overgeared and the other half is trying to get gear, those groups throw the numbers around like they mean more than they actually do. I have seen this over and over again in alt pug raids and when I raid with other guilds.

That said, you will get your way and this game will eventually have dps meters. They always do.
You're 100% correct. I've only ever been in second tier raiding guilds, and we heavily looked into meters (we never used World of Logs like the best guilds did). We always ran with good players-- not excellent or "the best," but good players with some room for improvement. Our recruiting was very relaxed, so we'd take our new members through raids and take a look at the meter results to see if they're using interrupts when they're told to, if they're breaking CC, and so on and so forth. We NEVER used it to say "Well, the mage is beating the feral druid so it's time to kick the druid," BUT if 99% of the feral's damage is coming from an ability they're not even supposed to use in their rotation, it's safe to assume they need improvement.

I think it's fair to say that the upper tier raiding guilds comprise of a slim minority of players, so damage meters would be appreciated by the majority of players.
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