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This bug occurs if you partially complete a flashpoint, and then leave that flashpoint , and try to enter a new one or with a new group. Abandoning or resetting the flashpoint via the mission log does not work.

This is easy to reproduce :

Just go into esseles, and kill a mob , then go outside and reset the mission/abandon quest and re take the quest. Go back inside, and you will see the instance was not reset.


To properly reset an instance, you must right click your char portrait, there will be an option "phase" if you have an existing flashpoint instance. Click this and select "reset all active flashpoints"
If successful, the option "Phase" will be gone from your portrait.

If "phase" remains , then you have a ghost flashpoint that is not in your current log, and not being properly reset via the phase menu.

This ghost flashpoint bug is contagious and is passed to the group leader, if you leave the party.


To cure a ghost flashpoint error, you must first find out which flashpoint (that you dont currently have in your mission log) is the culprit.

Then you re-take that flashpoint mission and re-enter/exit that flashpoint. Now you will be able to use the "phase" option to reset it properly.

Generally this is a trial and error process, but at lower lvls the culprit is usually the esseles.