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01.12.2012 , 11:52 AM | #24
Yeah, the SI storyline is...really underwhelming.

The first part is nonstop fetch quests. You're basically Indiana Jones, but even though you have lightning, you're still not as cool. How is that possible? They couldn't even give us some exposition on what KIND of relics we were getting or the HISTORY or I dunno, some sort of cool explanation of the inner workings of the Dark Side or original Sith Lords or SOMETHING? Anything??

Then you become a Ghostbuster, and you're not even the one played by Bill Murray. I to see the whole point of this. Wouldn't it have been cooler to actually do some political intrigue? Or anything at all involved with the main plot? It just feels like SI's story occurs in a bubble and nothing you do has any real effect on anyone else.

And throughout the whole thing, you're basically someone else's lapdog and also completely incompetent on your own. Kallig saves you (and then proceeds to call you foolish) how many times? You're beaten by how many Darth Nobodies? How many of these plans were your own?

Freaking lame. I guess Bioware had to make something about the SI bad so people would roll other classes.