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01.12.2012 , 10:33 AM | #2
In my experience, it's random which pieces drop in flashpoints. I have a Operative and a Sniper both at level 43 right now and I've run all kinds of stuff, but it's kind-of random. One night in Boarding Party, it was all IA-type stuff......another night it was mostly SI-type stuff. I think it's luck in some ways. I actually got a nice moddable piece of gear from a Heroic+4 on Balmorra---I forget the name but you had to disable some towers along the way and kill the leader down on the beach in the back of the instanced zone. But many times you can get moddable gear from quests or from the commendations vendors. Make sure to check the commendations vendors whenever you enter a new world and see if there is something worth saving up for. Between rewards, vendors, and drops it doesn't take long to get into a full set of moddable gear minus the bracers and belt most of the time. Then after that you can use commendations to upgrade the armor plate, mods, enhancements and barrels as you level to keep the set current.