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01.12.2012 , 10:04 AM | #1
So I was in a great 4 person heroics group on Taris last night. We basically destroyed the heroics there all night long... until Fathers of Taris, that is. We were all level 35-37.

The first spawn killed us! It wasn't so bad when there were 3 strong commandos, but then 3 elite commandos spawn after aggro, and it's basically game over from there. We managed to kill all but one of the first spawn, so we were able to clean up that plus the 3 adds post-rez.

The worst part is the rest of the spawns are exactly like that... you start with 3-4, and then get adds to make it 6. We eventually completed the quest, but not without dying at least once for each commando spawn.

It seems to me the DPS these spawns of 6 do is way above what it should be. You're basically required to have at least 2 60-second CCs (one is not enough as we found out) to reduce their DPS to the point where an appropriately-leveled group can handle it. I've never seen this kind of thing elsewhere in the game.

Has anyone else had issues with this quest?