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So all throughout my RPG career I always, for the most part, tend to lean to the good side, or the good guys. So naturally, when i started swtor, I became a Jedi Knight. I got to level 22 and I was sad that I didn't start on a PVP server. So I decided to work on another character until they implemented a server change so i could move to PVP.

I decided to start a character on the republic side and I became a Sith Warrior. Now, my Sith Warrior is a level 12 and I have Light Side I. Even as a Sith I just CAN'T be bad. But really, my question is...

Is there any good in the Empire? Do they have good morals, do they fight for a good cause? Can someone convince me that the Empire is right? Because as I play as this Sith Warrior and am forced to fight the Republic, it hurts me. Because I like the good guys.