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Well I'm goin to get to the point:

-First boss not appearing after defeating the turrets. We left the Operation, reset the phase and at the 2nd try it worked.
-On the trash droids I ended with 12 Grapple debuffs. Well it doesnt affect gameplay but its weird
-We were goin to engage Gharj and we stepped on the MOUNSTROUS RANDOM WIPE RAID BOSS. The only thing I could do was /facepalm waiting for my toon to die.
-Well let's go to the Gharj part again... we engage him everything is Ok the raid is topped... but... he didnt jump to another platform!! I was the Raid Leader and told my clan to go full DPS. Gharj was at 20% and then he spawned the 2 groups of adds together and the new platform. We go to the platform and suddently it dissapears... wipe.
-After defeating Gharj on the next try only 3 people got their weekly quest updated. No one died on the encounter.
-The puzzle part was fine
-After the puzzle we wiped because of the MOUNSTROUS RANDOM WIPE RAID BOSS.
-On the fight against the Sith we had to reset it 3-4 times, because some people weren't able to damage their boss. We checked it and no one was helping each other :S It was very frustrating.

On sunday we will engage Soa and I'm afraid we will discover another bunch of bugs.
Got almost the same problems, on Gharj and beyond (no problems on 1st boss)
-The random wipe boss got to us like 3-4 times in the night, it was absurd and so much time wasted.
- We had to redo the trash to Gharj because he refused to reappear after having the same "i don't want to jump" bug/disappearing platform bug
-No weekly for 6 of the 8 ppl in the raid
- We got a schematic drop, and when the winner tried to learn it it said "item not available"
- On the fight with the Sith one person was havong problmes, then we realize he had the "can't do dmg debuff" (don't remember the name) always active even after death. He relogged and we were fine
- We only did one try on Soa, having some problems with getting rid of the shield in the last phase

So a fun night, but lots of time wasted (and yes, i did report all the bugs, hopefully they fix them soon)