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01.12.2012 , 08:05 AM | #1
Well I'm goin to get to the point:

-First boss not appearing after defeating the turrets. We left the Operation, reset the phase and at the 2nd try it worked.
-On the trash droids I ended with 12 Grapple debuffs. Well it doesnt affect gameplay but its weird
-We were goin to engage Gharj and we stepped on the MOUNSTROUS RANDOM WIPE RAID BOSS. The only thing I could do was /facepalm waiting for my toon to die.
-Well let's go to the Gharj part again... we engage him everything is Ok the raid is topped... but... he didnt jump to another platform!! I was the Raid Leader and told my clan to go full DPS. Gharj was at 20% and then he spawned the 2 groups of adds together and the new platform. We go to the platform and suddently it dissapears... wipe.
-After defeating Gharj on the next try only 3 people got their weekly quest updated. No one died on the encounter.
-The puzzle part was fine
-After the puzzle we wiped because of the MOUNSTROUS RANDOM WIPE RAID BOSS.
-On the fight against the Sith we had to reset it 3-4 times, because some people weren't able to damage their boss. We checked it and no one was helping each other :S It was very frustrating.

On sunday we will engage Soa and I'm afraid we will discover another bunch of bugs.