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The part with the overseer is defintiely awesome. The story starts great. There is a reason you want to succeed, just to show this guy that you can and that he has no clue.

But afterwards, the story seems to drift.
[sblock]Zash's betrayal. Thanatos. The Cult that leads nowhere, basically (i was hoping one of the follow-up mails would create a new quest).
Zash's betrayal also was a little too... predictable, with or without the foreshadowing. It should have come from an unexpected direction.
I also expected the storyline with my third companion to involve a little more... corrupting. She's still a light-sided Jedi and there's no way to change that?
Just to make a point, that cult does come into play again when you get to either belsavis or voss. Can't remember which.