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01.12.2012 , 05:42 AM | #1
...this game was more like a star wars galaxies(pre-CU) 2.0

dont get me wrong, i like the story and i find the game play fun but i feel like im playing a rpg with other people there to steal my mobs.

star wars mmo's really need to be more sand boxy then theme parky in my opinion. its such a amazing universe. what the point of making these amazing worlds if most people are going to use it once and leave.

in mmos you become heroic by proving yourself to the players not the game. thats the point of having everyone stuck on a server.

i just wanted to post this because i really feel sad inside when i explore a planet and know that people will never fight over its land. it just feels like such a waist. maybe i play to much darkfall

what makes things worse is the place you are suppose to fight over is just farmed for gear and no one attacks each other.

sorry, havnt followed the forums in a while. was wondering what others opinion on this was.