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Do you think it's possible for their to be another space-based fantasy franchise, besides star wars? Like another book or movie based in space with fantasy/magical elements.....or do you think everyone would say it's too similar?
(Edit: Sorry completely misread this, I thought you were asking about another space-based fantasy MMO)

One based on the Dune franchise would be the most obvious (and popular) one.

However, having tried to obtain the rights myself when LUG folded I can tell you that the rights were tied up in a complex situation for quite a while, not sure if that is still the case at the moment...

So much potential there too...

(Edit: I heard they might turn KJA's Saga of Seven Suns into a mini-series or possibly film...would be good; I would like to see Peter Hamiltons Commonwealth saga books turned into a film francise, would make for an awesome film!!!)
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