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I have to respectfully disagree, both are good stories; the difference is how they start. In the SW story, everybody is kissing your arse from day one, because you are so super duper, and from there is goes into your standard anime-esque nemesis story line...

You: I'm going to be the best SW ever!
Nemesis: No you are not, I am!
You: Grrrrrrrrrrr, we must fight!
Nemesis: So be it!

The SI is different, and that is what makes it more interesting. Unlike the SW, who gets all the fan fare and arse kissing, the SI is treated like trash, with no expectations for success. The Overseer in charge has open contempt for you, and is constantly putting you on suicide missions, hoping you will die along the way; every time you come back successful, it makes him angrier, and more determined to kill you. Eventually you find out that you are not a nobody, and that you have a destiny to restore what rightfully belongs to you. And just when you think you have finally achieved something, you are betrayed by you master, and have to defend yourself.

To get to the same level of respect the SW starts off with, a SI has to be more aggressive, and plays things a little loose when it comes to rules and traditions, and this is frowned upon by Zash's superiors; who you encounter along the way (Darth Scortia), and tell you to back off, or face the consequences. Of course you do not, and the consequences of your actions catches up with you, in the form of Darth Thanaton. You, and Darth Zash were/are making waves, and Thanaton hates that; and so to restore order back to the Sith, you must die. To prevent this, you learn a way to get more power, to stop Thanaton.

SI story line is one of an underdog who fights against the odds. You start off as a nobody, and reach impressive heights; you are a social outcast, with a steep hill to climb to gain the respect of your fellow Sith, and even then there are those that oppose you because of your slave heritage. Thanaton is a continuation of Scortia, the established Sith order, which does not like the presence of low brow trash ascending the Sith ranks.
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