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I only leveled up the mods, armoring and earpieces to artifact level that I could use, or that the sniper I was playing with could use, as I leveled. I didn't bother trying to sell anything prior to learning the artifact max level items.


No, I haven't tried REing Ops items... and the only artifact earpiece that I did RE (from a HM flashpoint) told me that there was no schematic associated with that item... after it REd. I'm not certain how valid the claims are that artifact items can be RE'd for their schematics, but I'm going to keep trying.


Reverse Engineering is a luck of the draw. I've RE'd 50-60 blue items without learning an artifact schematic, and then learned three schematics with 10 REs. All blue armoring, mods and earpieces can be RE'd to purple schematics. That said, you can eaily earn higher level mods and armoring from dailies than you can make. Since they also take twice the mandalorian iron, I'm sitcking with earpieces for now.