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01.11.2012 , 05:46 PM | #696
Just to clarify because someone cried foul a couple pages back. When people talk about the remote render or this possible second dll or process we are not assuming it is doing actual remote rendering per say. Meaning the primary process on our desktop / client to some remote Bioware server process and then back. Remote, distrubted, etc. I am pretty sure most of us are not implying that at all.

However what we are asking about the textures and this so-called second process that is running on your computer (start the game, enter game, escape to your desktop while still logged in, start task manager, and look at the processes running - you will see two). It appears that they are linked regardless of ones own personal opinion - again, task manager and look at the chains - they are talking.

Anything that makes a call to another process is a performance hit. No different than the number of hops it takes your desktops client request to make it to the Bioware server that the client is talking to.

I'd also like to point out that no one is saying this is in fact the de-facto problem. People are asking why are there two process, why are they communicating, and why on God's green earth are we not letting the end user dictate what textures they want to run.

For God's sake man, this is 2012! All of us have more compute than what we need...