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01.11.2012 , 05:46 PM | #224
LOL at Bioware is almost all I can say.

Man I defended them on every single thing but I can't anymore. Everyone realize that Bioware has just NOW come out and said it was intentional b/c of server limitations right?? Everyone realize they are only doing that b/c the community got into such an uproar. These fools actually thought they could simply put in a small patch note saying that it was fixed and people would just accept it and move on. THEY LIED TO US and they only came out with the truth today.

Even if you want to swallow this latest junk as truth (don't know why you would as they have lied already) that only makes them look even more incompetent. I can only imagine their meetings."Hey guys this is the most hyped MMO ever, we're spending tons of cash, it's Star Wars, HEY let's use an engine and servers that can't even handle high res textures"

In short, why would you choose to use an engine that is going to give you so many problems ahead of time?? The only answers possible is that you did know and thus you're stupid, or you didn't know it would and thus incompetent. Either way it's bad.
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