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Here's a post that somebody had included from the massively.joystiq page talking about this issue -- someone linked this paper which discusses what is essentially copyright-protection via remote 3d rendering. Having flipped through it a little bit, the specific details involved in "remote rendering" have caught my eye, and I'm looking at it a bit more before I hop to any conclusions.

I HIGHLY recommend everyone taking a look at that paper ... as there are some pictures that certainly scare me re: the texture issue on there... (client-side vs. server-side resolution, for example)

Quoting Myself one last time:

Wrong Tree, wrong technique.
The assets for the game are in the TOR files, as people have already extracted them. (Look around Xentax)

What your looking at is a renderer on a network that holds the data for geometry and sends it to a client over a network to display.

What we have a Renderer Separate from the Main Game Process on the Same Machine that Renders the Display for the Game.