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01.11.2012 , 05:24 PM | #693
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This thread makes me sad. To find out that the game will never look as good during normal play as it does during cutscenes sucks. I'd honestly rather have the game consistently look the same through both normal play and cutscenes then being teased with these awesome high res textures everytime I talk to an npc.

I also don't understand why we can't have high res textures. I mean I read the explantion as to why but the thing is there are other mmo's out there with better graphics and higher resolution textures that run just fine. Plus those mmo's aren't as sharded as much as TOR is so you've got far more people playing in the same instances then you do in this game.

I love this game but I'm currently thinking I would have much prefered a Kotor 3 with multiplayer elements then an mmo at this point.
I honestly don't understand why they can't have a "slider" for effects/other players, that would allow the user to have their OWN character be hi-res, and everyone else be set at a pre-determined level (name only, ultra-low, low, high-with a warning about system requirements)
meh, I just want to play SWTOR