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01.11.2012 , 04:50 PM | #1
I posted that in the long thread, but seeing what a hatestorm that is turning into, I thought I'd make a thread of my own. It's a serious suggestion that, I think, might solve a lot of people's issues with the textures.
Please, if you feel the same, let your voice be heard in this thread. It does seem to me to be a viable option until they've sorted out whatever keeps them from letting us use high-res textures for everything:
High Res textures for my character and, if possible my companion, please. Atlas map the heck outta everyone else, I couldn't care less.
Out in the world, I'm running around, shooting stuff up, there's force lightning and explosions, droids roughing me up and Vinecats wanting to eat my ghoulies. I'm not looking at texture quality on player models there. I'm zoomed out to max to see all the stuff that wants to EAT me!
I am also so amazed by how awesome the look, sound and feel of my abilities are (hell yeah I'm playing Bounty Hunter!), I don't have time to look at other people! Even less so in PvP! While I'm playing it, this game looks pretty good!

But when I zoom in on my char and/or companion, whether in combat or out of it, when I look at them in the char menu or armor preview, I want to see the new gear I got. Not a blurry approximation of the gear. Not a hint at what my gear might look like in cutscenes. I want it to shine and sparkle, right then and there. Gimme! Pretty please.