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Originally Posted by hammerhanded
Our Group got this bug so I thought I would share how we got rid of it.

Every time we changed leadership of the group the leader would get the bug. You could tell because when they were out of group they still had the little Phase option to reset all instances. We could consistently pass the bug between us, by passing leadership of the group.

So I passed the bug to my teammate and then logged out, created a new character, let him pass the bug to that new character and then deleted the him. Bye-bye bug. For a step by step follow below.

1. Identify who has the bug: they will have a phase option when right clicking on their picture.
2. Someone else needs to create a new character.
3. Person with the bug invites that new character to group
4. Pass leadership to the new character
5. leave that group
6. verify that the phase option is gone from everyone but the new character
7. delete the new character and the bug
8. log back into your main character
9. re-group and have fun

This took a while to figure out so hopefully it saves someone else some time.
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