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01.11.2012 , 03:54 PM | #1
I just created a new Aurebesh font, because I thought there were several shortcomings in the exsisting fanmade Aurebesh fonts.

This is the first (fanmade) Aurebesh font which covers the full ASCII Code, meaning it will display most english Text correctly without missing characters and uncomprehensible Symbols like a Tie Fighter or the Alliance Starbird for brackets or special characters.

Secondly it is the first (fanmade) Aurebesh font which is in OTF format (compatible with all mayor Operating Systems) and uses ligatures.

This means the double characters(TH SH OO KH NG CH EO AE) will be displayed as they should (oo for example will be displayed as one Orenth instead off two Osk).

The third new feature is that it comes in two Versions:
One Normal and one with mirrored capital Letters like the are uses in a few canon sources( for example in Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith)

Normal version
Inverted Capitals

I used normal Latin characters for symbols of which there is no offical Aurebesh Version(%@&^ etc.) , because I thought custom characters for them would only confuse.

I made a few custom ones but I didn#t include them, maybe I will make a Version with them later.

Please post Feedback. What do you like what could be done better. How could this be improved further.