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Is there a guide to what the colours and prefix's mean?
Items and Equipment - Color Coding here. Basically the same as WoW.

As for the pre-fixes, it's a bit early to tell. I suggest your keep an eye on Torhead and DarthHaterDB, but you can judge for yourself :

Since I play a Sith Warrior - Juggernaut (Tank), I need items with +STR, +END and +Defense Rating.
For me, crafted items with the "Redoubt" prefix, which give +defense rating, are preferable.

For a DPS, the "Overkill" prefix, which adds +power (I suppose that translates to attack power) are optimal. I can't say about the rest of the prefixes, especially what is desirable for sages etc. since I did not focus on crafting light armor during the beta.

My advice is keep R/Eing a simple green item (say, bracers, which are fairly cheap) until you learn 3-4 variations, check which prefix suits you best, and aim for that when crafting.

I was lucky and learned the "Redoubt" variation of a chestpiece on the second R/E, so there was no need to further break it down and learn another variation.

Remember, Synthweaving is the creation of armor for Force users only, and only armor, not modifications/upgrades.

Hope this helped !
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