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So I was just wondering lore wise if the Trooper and Smuggler would stand much of a chance against a Jedi. I assume that in a 1 on 1 situation in which they were thrown into an arena the Jedi would usually win. The question kinda comes down to would you need the absolute best Smuggler or Trooper to stand up to a mediocre Jedi?
Are you asking about in Lore or in game?

In lore, from what I've always read, unless the Smuggler/Trooper/Bounty Hunter was highly skilled (or they went after younglings, padawan's, or new Jedi's) they avoided the older Jedi's like they carried Atom bombs under their clothing.

In game .... lets just say a group of 10 Troops against a group of 10 force users is just sad ... for the force users I mean.
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