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01.11.2012 , 12:59 PM | #6
Id like to see more in space combat. You have companions for using them in space would help as well as on the ground. I would like to see more epic battles in space. i understand guilds might get access to bigger ships but for now ships should have a role besides taking out a few planes and destroying turrets.

I cant wait for the addition of this game. there is so much and all i can say is dont dry up on content in both land and space.

I always thought that in mmo games, guilds should have a role in keeping outer regions in balance and populated with markets and waring in these regions. The game can deal with the inner core and things not changing on that front. but as guilds get bigger and get access to bigger ships they should be able to blockade worlds and even visit new worlds. This is obviously later on in the story.