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Phantom Menace

Plot: Stop the invasion of a innocent planet from that is instigated by the Sith who wish to destroy the Jedi and the Republic.

The whole war was the main plot. Saving the planet from the Trade Federation.

Everything in between, like Darth Sideous and Darth Maul's actions, as well as the finding of Anakin Skywalker is to built up for the rest of the movies to follow up to complete the sequel trilogy of star wars.

I figured this out when I was in 7th grade by the way, long before I considered myself a "star wars fan"

Granted, this was probably better for a book then an actual movie.

And no, as long as someone likes something that is considered art, there's no such thing as bad art. I also dislike Twilight but a lot of people seem to like it, who am I to say that Twilight is a POS as if it was a fact.