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There's no such thing as a bad story. Written work goes hand and hand with "art", which is subjective.

I would just say Obi Wan can do it cause he is still the more experience of the two and knows he can handle and knows Anakin will follow him for back up. After all, the Master and padawan needs to be a dynamic duo if they plan on completing missions together while one is still in training.

Well, so basically, you're telling me only Star wars fans have the potential to appreciate the movies in all aspects. Sounds appropriate to me.
no there is defently a thing called a bad story

Go read Full Life Consequences. I would link it myself but i'm at work and it's not liking the link.

Or watch The Happening, The Spirit, Birdemic, Troll 2, The Room and many many more.

Also no not just Star Wars Fans have the potential to like the prequels. My niece and nephew both like it. Plus most Star Wars fans actually don't like it hence the huge backlash against it.

You are also still not understanding the entire character of Obi Wan. Through out the entire 6 movies he is caustios and patient except for those poorly written scenes where he goes against his character.

edit: Also there is NO plot in the Phantom Meance to begin with. I challange you to tell me what the Plot is, Who is the Protaginist, and who is the Antagonist.