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Art direction is good. I do have a problem with CG but that's my opinion

As for the story no it's bad Phantom Meance doesn't even follow even a basic story structure and in all of the films the Characters constanlty do things that is out of character for them.

Obi Wan tells Anakin he needs to be patient and not rush into things then he is the one who Jumps out a window to hang onto an assasin droid.

There films are also plauged with plot holes and major plot points that leave the audience going "WHAT?????" Which fans respond with "Oh you have to read the book or you have to know about this"

A movie should be able to stand on it's own espeically if George Lucas wants people to watch them in the order of 1-6 not 4-6 then 1-3.
There's no such thing as a bad story. Written work goes hand and hand with "art", which is subjective.

I would just say Obi Wan can do it cause he is still the more experience of the two and knows he can handle and knows Anakin will follow him for back up. After all, the Master and padawan needs to be a dynamic duo if they plan on completing missions together while one is still in training.

Well, so basically, you're telling me only Star wars fans have the potential to appreciate the movies in all aspects. Sounds appropriate to me.