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01.11.2012 , 12:04 PM | #7
I used WoW as an example and recognition of a great game , but im not playing it anymore cause I already had 8 years of fun and now im done with it. So the wow fan boy comments ( which none are smart comments btw) don't really elaborate anything. Its true that the launch didn't had those features but that's my point IT SHOULD. We've been spoiled with other MMO's with great features and it has became the "default" features a game should have before releasing it. I can give you a great example. How many of you (and be honest) have played a new mmo in the past just ot leave WoW because it got you bored or w/e reason ; then you play this new mmo and realize how great WoW features are and you end up cancelling ? Examples are all over , you can start by Rift. So please if you're going to post a wow fan boy reply over and over again well be my guest , but recognize this isn't the point