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You know, I skimmed through that thread and I couldn't help but be brought back by a lot of the constant hate of the "PT" and how "bad" it was. I saw the OT before the PT came out, of course. I believe I saw them back in 1996 for the first time when they were "remastered" THX film and sound quality on VHS. The "original" trilogy "One Last time". Then the "Special Editions" came out and I was, I guess.

What people fail to realize after barring such hate and animosity toward them and CONSTANTLY citing that link as to "Why" you'll hate the PT and GL forever is moot, really. Since if you have NEVER and I repeat NEVER seen any of the movies before and actually watch them in chronological order, they would make a lot better sense instead of this whole "ret conning" being tossed around since it can't be "ret conned" if those were the ones that were SUPPOSED to come first anyway. I don't hate any of the SW movies but there are some I like more then others and I do agree on. Hayden made Anakin seem like a big whiner and kinda killed that role a bit for me, but it's not to say he didn't try his best. I just didn't like it very much. Yes, some of the "falling in love" parts were really dragged out and so on. Jar jar was a dumb character I think too but I think he was put there to appeal to kids and from what I could tell some young kids actually liked him cause he was clumsy. The midichlorian thing added...yeah I think that felt "added" to try and emphasize how "special" Anakin was since "No jedi has had a count that high" before and so on. He likes to cite the "lack" of a main character in Phantom Menace but that's because it's trying to build up to one, in my opinion. It's setting the stage for Anakin and prior to him showing up I'd say it was mostly Qui-Gon and Obi-wan alternating as a main character and Qui Gon filling that role when they hit tatooine until Anakin is picked up and so on. However, they all carry memorable moments for me. Eps 1 had the most intense Lightsaber duel I ever got to see. Eps 2 had the really nifty Jedi battle in the colliseum and Yoda's first time ever in actual combat. Eps 3 had a very "touching" 1 on 1 fight with An/Obi and Mace Windu had a decent one with Sidious...albeit it was kinda lame how quickly he killed the other masters but it kinda cements the whole. "Sidious being the most powerful Sith Lord" type motiff he was going for and how Windu was referred to as being the most gifted, at the time, at lightsaber combat only to be blindsided by Anakin (God, I HATE that Bob Barker! *adam sandler voice*)

In conclusion, you can "hate" the PT all you want and that's fine but you're still here...still playing the game (if not you're just trolling) and probably still paid your money's worth at the box office. The re release in 3D for the PT is questionable but I might still check it out because I like theatre experiences and it's nice to get my hopes up about a floated rumor that if the re release of the SW films in 3D did well that he would make Eps 7 8 and 9.