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This is 2012 , not 2004 . Sorry but this was a lousy launch . How can you actually release a game with no Flashpoint queue system , no pvp balance , faulty programming which makes Warzones lag , faction disbalanced issues and reward people that didnt slept for days so they get to kill in warzones with the good gear and win always almost by default ; which makes the farming for them super easy. Honestly this is a huge dissapointment .I advise you to look the other way , to successful MMO's like WoW before releasing a game like this . Either you keep up or dont get in the competition. All you going to get out of this is a few months and then its free 2 play! Game feels like its 2004...just saying
WoW asks you why you quit as well.

Just saying even if this game loses 90% of the subs it won't go F2P. EA hasn't made DaoC, UO or WAR F2P why would they start with this?


This is 2012 not 2004 please learn how to post in the CORRECT FORUM. People are here to talk about Star Wars not about your WoW fandom.