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Your disapproval is noted, however, this game was in development since about 2006. It's interesting how you cite WoW as a successful MMO and indeed it has been but it had a shotty launch as well, plagued by a multitude of bugs. Warzones weren't around in WoW at launch neither were dungeon queues, yet it still took off. In order to compare this game to WoW properly you should analyze both at their launch, in reality, their about the same. I'd give this one a bit of an edge because it had stuff that it probably learned from WoW but WoW itself didn't innovate but re iterated what already existed and made it smooth and more enjoyable. It took what was good and made it better and left out what drew a lot of complaints. Balance was also a HUGE issue at WoW launch too since it wasn't until Burning Crusade that both factions got the same classes (Paladins/Shamans) so there was always an outcry about how one class was more OP then the other and how one never got to go raiding and so on. (I draw all this since I played WoW a couple weeks after launch...since it was almost impossible to be there AT launch due to the same queue problems in this game)

It's also funny that you mention being upset about being asked "Why" you want to quit. Every single time I took a break from WoW I would be asked everytime why I was desubbing with that corny human begging animation and the crying orc. They ask, so they can try and see if they can use that feedback to improve the game if you have a "real" problem with it's mechanics. In reality, I believe it is generally agreed that of most MMOs to release to date the most "complete" was "Rift" and I never really got to play that one in spite of the good things I heard. I had been disenfranchised with MMOs at the time...burned out by WoW and while the similarities are there I like the interactive story and FPs in this one and it feels alot less boring doing your regular grinds here. Just incase you want to add why play a "clone". Bioware has always had great stories...I also can't wait till Mass Effect 3