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After my work in beta and research there after I can provide this insight.
This sight has a very good layout as well as 2 very good diagrams near the end

Basically its like this

Armor Tech - uses scavenging and underworld trading
Arms Tech - uses scavenging and investigation

Bio Chem - Bio analysis and diplomacy
Cybertech - scavenging and underworld trading

Synthweav - Archaeology and under world trading
Artiface - archaeology and treasure hunting

the first skill listed is the common gathering skill used to make the Green quality stuff. The 2nd skill listed is them mission skill, these are used to gather blue and purple quality materials for better quality gear. (orange moddible fits in there as well with blue or purple quality materials)

Armor tech makes armor for agents and bounty hunters
arms tech makes weps for above group

synthweaving and artifice are the same for force users

On little mentioned thing, even if you are a tank spec force user, you will get heavy armor from synthweaving, not armor tech. Bascially you will get willpower instead of AIM on the armor tech armor, which will help you on your force power damage slightly.

The 1 skill left out in the dark is slicing
slicing is used to get schematics for ALL crafting skills as well as fun credit boxes.
Investigation will also provide rare schematics for all crafting skills, so that a perk

From what i have seen of the mission skills you get rare crafting materials plus one bonus other fun thing

diplomacy - darkside/lightside points
Treasure hunting - credit boxes
underworld trading - companion gifts
Slicing - rare schematics and credit boxes

any and all help on this crash course in crew skills is appreciated

if you want blue and purple quality patterns you have to reverse engineer the items you craft. You have a random chance of getting a higher quality version schematic of the item you just destroyed.

**gathering skills are considerably cheaper and easier to level than mission skills, especially scavenging, because you can go out in the world and farm these rather that relying on the money eating missions. Scavenging as i noted before is insanely easy to level at early stages, especially on coresaunt because there are soo many robots to "Skin" and nodes scattered around. Artifice had a decent amount of nodes, but not nearly as many as scavenging, this might have changed from beta, but it was the case during the last beta build.

*** as long as you keep questing you will be fine for credits, however once you hit abotu 18ish when you pick up your ship and 2nd companion, crew skills with DRAIN your credits reserves quickly, i actually crafted my self poor and couldn't buy my skills or fly to the next area ><. just watch your creds and keep at least 2k sitting around for an emergency.

****There are many blue patterns that can proc from a single green item, some may have for example extra crit, others may have alicriticy, so if you dont like the one you got keep REing!

hopefully this answers any questions you have. PM me if you have any more, im sitting at work with nothing to do anyway ><
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