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Hello all,

Last night my guildies and I finally decided to start tackling hard mode Flash Points. Our biggest setback at the moment is that due to some odd surprises we ended up with 2 tank geared players (jedi guardian and vanguard). The vanguard is now officially going to be the tank going forward and the guardian is taking the dps role but is still not in full dps gear so our outgoing dps is not top notch yet for fresh hard mode players. We ran Essels last night and cleared it and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. We then attempted Maelstrom and couldn't take down General Daksha. So now we are still in the "learning" phase and I'm curious if someone a bit more familiar with hard modes couldn't shed some light onto a kind of ranking for difficulty of the hard modes so we can "climb the ladder" progressively.

Thank you for any advice and if I get enough responses I can edit to maybe make a sticky!

So far:

Easiest to Hardest

Esseless/Taral V
Maelstrom Prison
False Emperor
War for Ilum
Directive 7