Thread: [Cybertech] Cybertech Crew Skill Guide
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01.11.2012 , 11:10 AM | #14
Very nice guide indeed, given me some info i didn't know yet.

One thing i am missing though is info on the regular mods. I've currently unlocked quite a few of the 22 mods (ie. Keen Mod 22a). I saw that there's no specific tanking mods i can make with Cybertech, are these obtainable as schematics, or will it require a lot of reverse engineering, like earpieces do. It looks like the way to unlock them is linear, like the armoring mods, but i've yet to attempt to RE the epic versions to see if that actually has any extra unlocks. Before i do that though, never hurts asking around

Hope you have more info on this subject!