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01.11.2012 , 10:30 AM | #1
I am not sure if others have also seen this but I got weekly operation quest to kill the second boss in EV on reg mode but even after completing the raid the quest shows incomplete!
Since it says regular mode, I am not sure if I can finish it this week.

Since we are already here, I will also like to point out another issue for SOA -
Yesterday we killed the boss and transported out of instance. But unfortunately we didn't realize that 1 poor fellow was dead and no one rezzed him. So now he cant loot the boss because no one can rez him, and he cant jump down from top to get the loot.

Please add something like slow fall after defeating the boss because there can be a rare occasion that all will die and boss also dies (from DOTS) at teh same time, in this situation also no one will be able to get loot which will be sad