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12.14.2011 , 06:59 AM | #22
Does no one use the little "X" on the loot window, thereby "passing" on the item?

If it's something I can't use, I just click the X. I won't even greed on it. From my perspective, I won't even greed or need for my companion. Up until yesterday and reading these threads today it just never occured to me to roll for my companion. It seems very odd to do that. I don't really care what my companion has equipped generally, and will just let them use random loot I find while xping, or other handmedowns and crafted bits.

The issue of claiming loot for companions is only going to get worse imo. :\ Yesterday, I was doing BT flashpoint, and an orange pistol dropped. As a Mercenary, I rolled Need. I was with 2 Sith, one a warrior, one an inquisitor. The warrior needed on the pistol too after a long pause. The inquisitor (very grateful for him) asked why they needed on the pistol they can't even use. The warrior's reply "mistake". Just that, one word. I asked if they could possibly trade it to me. And then they replied pretty quickly, saying they had traded it to their companion. :\ First person on my ignore list. They were using Vette as our 4th member, so she did contribute - but this was only because earlier on the 4th PC member dropped or got booted. We never really worked out why and the party leader (the same warrior) never said. But in the fight where the pistol dropped (our 2nd attempt) I was working quite hard to keep both the Sith alive with my meagre healing ability. That padawan is certainly pretty tough.

Anyway, I think it's going to be our responsibility to iron out any loot issues before you even step one foot into a flashpoint, etc. Everyone should have no confusion about it before you enter, or as I said, it's going to get quite bad. Lesson learnt for me, I'll definitely make sure to ask next time before we begin.